Wealth Management Services

With Armor Wealth Management you get a team that will guide you or your business in creating, implementing, and reviewing your personalized financial strategies.  We use the latest financial tools, technology, and professional expertise to help optimize results. Our services include:

Risk Management

What risks do you face in your business or personal life? Have you taken the necessary steps to protect yourself against potential loss? We will work with you to help assess your risks and review existing policies. Helping you find the best policy for your situation to help make sure any losses you experience are minimal.

Retirement Planning

Today, we need to ensure we’re saving enough for retirement, and stretching those savings as Americans live longer, more active lives.  A comfortable retirement will likely depend on personal savings, making the most of employee sponsored plans, and IRAs. We can help you plan and prepare so you can enjoy your retirement.

Investment Planning

Building wealth takes planning, a long-term strategy, and commitment.  We develop a strategy by understanding your comfort level and risk tolerance. Then we recommend investment vehicles to help you reach your goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning impacts everyone, not just the wealthy.  With planning you can reduce or eliminate taxes; and provide liquidity to cover final expenses. Helping to preserve your estate for your intended heirs.  Without it, the government may decide for you.   We can help to coordinate with your tax and legal advisor.

Business Planning

Are you a too busy taking care of your business that you haven’t thought about the future financial security? If so, you’re not alone, let us help address significant issues such as business continuation and employee benefits.  We can help your business attract and retain quality employees through benefit packages.

Education Funding

According to the College Board, the average cost for tuition and fees at four-year public institutions has increased nearly 51% over the last 10 years (after adjusting for inflation), and these costs will almost certainly continue to rise.  Saving for college can help with the increasing cost of a college education and help you be financially prepared when your children are ready for college. We can recommend investment and accumulation strategies to help you set up an education fund for the children in your life.